Photo-55 is an initiative to create short programs on DSCTV that showcase the work of local photographers, or good-quality photos taken here by people from other places.   


Photo-55 is always aired at 55 minutes past the hour and runs five minutes or less.  To find out what is the subject of a specific telecast, check the daily schedule for our public channel(s) on the home page of this website..


The first four presentations are currently being aired on the Public Channel in both towns at 8:55 am and 7:55 pm.  That’s Comcast 8 and Verizon 45 in Dover; or in Sherborn -- Comcast 8 and Verizon 32.  Airing now are Winter Scenes and Dogs & Cats by John O’Keefe; plus Tropical Flowers and Retrospective by John Sugden.  Several more are in the works. 


This series was launched by photographers who created complete presentations of 3-5 minutes.  If you have one, please share it with DSCTV!  

But we’re also looking for smaller numbers of photos, from 1-2 to several dozen.  We’re hoping to gather individual images from many photographers to create presentations on such popular topics as Nature, Celebrations, Children, Sports and Animals..

Some of our first contributors have created finished presentations on their home computers and submitted them using Dropbox (free software).  Ease of use makes Dropbox worth taking a look at.

In time, you may also see Video-55 in the same format of 5 minutes or less.


Important:  No one should feel bound to conform to any other photographer’s format, regarding how many photos, how long each one lingers on the screen or whether to use visual “tricks” to dissolve one image into the next.  You may use a soundtrack or not;  but you should avoid telecasting copyrighted material without permission.


Format  DSCTV programs are telecast in standard definition, with a screen ratio of 4:3 ... meaning you will exactly fill a standard TV screen with a photo that is 4 inches wide for every 3 inches tall.  [So 8x6, 12x9, 16x12 and so forth.]  For anyone using image-processing software, we recommend 72dpi or greater for satisfactory TV viewing.  


The email address is  You can also direct questions and comments to or phone the studio at (508) 785-0737.