Photo Gallery

Sherborn Cub Scouts Visit DSCTV--May 2013












Dover Town Hall

Claybrook Rock - Dover

Above Photos with permission from Dave Stapleton.

More Dover Photos

Caryl House

Lindquist Commons--the home of DSCTV!!

The DCTV Studio--June, 1991

The DSCTV Studio--Today







2008 Spelling Bee Broadcast Headquarters

Photos of Sherborn

Farm Pond

Sherborn Town Hall


Behind the Scenes at "The Roundtable"

Boys Lacrosse Coach Brian MacGloughlin and Girls Tennis Coach Karen Raymond talk about their successful Spring 2009 seasons. The Girls Tennis team won the 2009 Div 3 State Title while the Boys Lacrosse teams made it to the Div 3 State Finals.



 A busy Control Room!