Board of Directors

Board of Directors

DSCTV was created in 2006 from a merger of two previously separate local TV organizations, one in Dover and the other in Sherborn.

Dover elects five members to the combined DSCTV board and Sherborn four, reflecting the fact that Dover has proportionately more subscribers than Sherborn.

Current board members include Susan Bianco, Bob DeFusco, Dick Fischman, Alison Birmingham and Donna Hennessy from Dover and from Sherborn: Doug Ambos, Art Crandall, Tom Oberst and Bill Miller.


Mr Crandall is President
Mr. DeFusco is Vice President
Ms. Bianco is Secretary
Mr. Fischman is Treasurer.

The DSCTV board meets five times a year (January,March, May, September and November) and more often if necessary.

Elections are held in January. Local boards in Sherborn and Dover meet at least once a year and choose board members from their own town. DSCTV officers are chosen at the January meeting from among the four directors elected from Sherborn and the five from Dover.


The next meeting will be held January 22 at 7:00pm in the studio.