Frequently Asked Questions

What is Public Access TV?

DSCTV is classified as a “public access” TV station. That means any Comcast or Verizon subscriber who lives or works in Dover or Sherborn is allowed to use our equipment and create programming. DSCTV’s programs and equipment are funded by the Dover Sherborn Cable Access Corporation.

How do I find out what is on DSCTV?

Besides this Web Site, the schedules also run on each channel in a scroll when programming is not running. This Web Site is the place to see the most up-to-date schedule that reflects any last minute changes. You can also watch selected programs On Demand on this site!

Can I get copies of any programs that air on DSCTV?

Copies of programs produced by DSCTV staff and volunteers are available. The price depends on the length of the program. You can call the studio at 785-0737 to request a copy. Programs that are not produced "in house" cannot be copied here. You can call the studio and we can give you the contact information for the producer (s) of the particular program. In addition, we cannot make copies of high school tournament games per our agreement with the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association (MIAA).

How can I get a  local event taped for airing?

You can e-mail us or call the studio to request event coverage and we will attempt to find one of our local producers/volunteers to tape the event. If you are interested in taping the event yourself you can come to the studio and be trained on how to use our equipment. If you are more comfortable using your own camcorder then give us the tape and we can determine if the program's production quality is acceptable to put on the air.  In any case, please notify us as far in advance of the event as possible.

How can I produce my own show?

Contact our studio and write out a brief Program Proposal stating the basics of the program (type of program, length, where program will be shot, and equipment and manpower needed).

Can I borrow equipment or use your editing facilities for personal use, such as taping a wedding or birthday party?

DSCTV only lets people use our equipment and facilities for the production of programs that will be aired on the Public, Educational, or Government Channels.

Why can't DSCTV cover more events happening in the towns?

Most Public Access studios are funded by a small cable license fee which pays for facility upkeep, utilities, and a small part-time or full-time staff.  The primary function for these employees job is to manage public resources, train people in TV production, and facilitate the telecast of programs. Therefore, DSCTV relies heavily on community volunteers to produce local events.  If you are interested in producing a program, assisting in the production of a program, or covering a community event, please use our suggestion form, or contact the studio at 508-785-0737.